Tuesday, March 31, 2015

La Première!

So pretty much everything about this blog is going to focus on every day things which I find amusing (sometimes inappropriately so), traveling, style, and my many mishaps with DIY and cooking! Oh and the general awkwardness of life!
Paris, France
Escalante, Utah

BUT WAIT! Before you write this off as just another run of the mill blog, I need you to realize that the reason I am going to write about those things is to share any info I may have found with you guys. This is mainly cus I absolutely detest searching around on the internet for specific things like 'how to pack for 6 weeks in a carry-on', or 'best way to get a steal and not look like a cheap-o crazy woman', something like, 'Step-by-step Sewing Instructions on how to make <Insert Project Here> for Dummies' (believe me... I need that one), things like, 'How to re-upholster that specific chair in your living room...yes that one, and don't cry because you will succeed', the vital info on 'how to make frosting turn out like it does on Pinterest Cupcakes' (still don't know how to do that one...), or even, 'Perfectly planned itinerary for a week in Shanghai with costs, hostel and sight-seeing recommendations, and specific facts you should know' (cus that's important stuff right there).
K...those are obviously things I have been looking for and trying to figure out in the past little bit if you couldn't tell. But still, I NEED THOSE DETAILS PEOPLE! Like a fish needs water, like cats need catnip, like B needs his beard, like cakes need sugar, like a white girl needs her Uggs....getting off topic here.
Great Wall of China
The short of it is, I want those tips and tricks and ideas and that specific and DETAILED stuff cus I have the tendency to be slightly OCD and obsessed with having to know what I need to do before I do it. Obviously not every specific detail cus that would seriously blow and take out all the spontaneous and exciting moments in life. But I still like the general outline of things, and I do love being prepared as B will attest to...to his eternal happiness (right?).
So here is where I will share all my ideas and what disasters or successes come from them. I will tell you stories which are totally ridiculous, but helped me figure my stuff out (especially in foreign countries) and which I hope will help you as well! Here is where I will give you my recommendations for finding the best deals and working those new black booties (you can never have enough black boots). Or I will even just post things which I am currently in the process of either doing, trying to figure out, or even failing completely at. I want to put everything I find and (most) everything I do here so that first of all I will be able to figure out what I did wrong (either in packing a carry-on, or making a table, or moving my cat to a different apartment), and also so that I can have a place to keep family and friends updated about everything!
First a little bit about me!
My boo
I am a student at BYU majoring in Political Science and minoring in Civic Engagement and French. I live with my sexy beast of a husband, Bryan (usually referred to as B), and my grey and white kitty Diego! I have a little ty duck that has traveled the world with me, named Bert. Cooking is something I love, but I really am super lazy so I use my crock-pot probably about 90% of the time, except for when I am making pies....those come from scratch! I have two jobs that I love; one at ILP (International Language Programs) and the other as a researcher for The WomanStats Project. Love my friends and my family! I am obsessed with International Politics and Cultures. I am also pro-women and would like to think that I advocate for women's rights to become the same as men's rights. I am an oh so teensey-tiny bit snarky and sarcastic. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Julie Andrews, Gaga, Britney, and Beyonce are my dream possee. My favorite places are Paris, Nanjing, Springville, New York, Oceanside, and Cardiff. B and I love traveling, climbing, singing (he is the star there:)), and among other things just chilling out and watching Netflix (probably binge watching more than I should say). I'm kinda a geek about Doctor Who (I would live in the TARDIS), Harry Potter, and all sorts of books (Sanderson, Tolkien, Voltaire, Anderson, Lewis, Card, Alexander, Austen, Bronte, Rice...etc.). Math and Econ and Stats are from Hades himself (except one of my bffs is awesome at math and she is definitely not from hades...so maybe a bit of a reach there). I also happen to love ComicCons....with a passion that I cannot explain. Oh and did I mention I love style!? Besides loving the runway type styles and high fashion (along with my sis who is my bestie and the real fashionista here), I also LOVE finding ways to have 'that look' and creating it myself. I believe that every woman should dress how she likes and be treated with respect in all aspects. Wear those heels girls! 
So that's that!
I am excited to see what will happen with this blog!